A quick shout-out today to laser craft company JCR Workshop.

I know little to nothing about the company other than they create pretty rad laser-cut artwork. On their Facebook page, JCR describes them-/him- self as “one man and one laser working together in the name of human/machine harmony. BIRDS, BATS, WHALES AND SHARKS.” Which, yeah, about covers it.

Our friend Kristen gave us this laser cut wooden card of a grackle recently. For anyone not already familiar, grackles are passerine birds common to North + South America that, though they’re members of icterid family, do resemble in form + nature corvids (crows, ravens, et cetera). Plus, we’re kinda fans of most things avian.

JCR also does laser cut bird, bat, whale, and shark mobiles, like the ones here, our grackle friend, the elf owl (cool), and blue whale. Check them out when you get a chance—they make great gifts.