Look! We designed a salad!

Mmm. Logos taste like dirt, but this salad we had the other day blew our socks off. I’m kidding. Who wears socks in the summer?

So, to take a page straight from the talented book of Lauren Willhite of Color Collective + Design Sponge, we’re pulling a color palette, not from a beautiful room or set scene, as she does, but from…um…yesterday’s lunch.

This well-coordinated roughage features baby yellow tomatoes, watermelon radishes, and farm-fresh red beets, all from the Carroll Gardens Greenmarket; wild arugula from New York’s Satur Farms; and homemade croutons, made by pan-searing part of a left-over baguette we froze before it went stale. We’d never had watermelon radishes before and have to recommend them. Not only do they handsome up a salad, they’re totally tasty, lending a sweeter and noticeably spicier taste to the meal than conventional radishes would. They’d definitely go over well with adventurous Fraggles. Say, Red, for instance. Wembley, not so much.

Now get out there to your local farmers’ market! Summer’s a’ wastin’!