One place high on our list of LA restaurants to revisit right away was Susan Feniger’s STREET, a vegetable-forward restaurant that, while not 100% vegan, is SUPER-vegan-friendly.

STREET was one of many great suggestions given to us back in April by former Queen of Vegan LA, quarrygirl (she calls London home these days). Since, it’s become one of our favorite spots around, with it’s street-food-inspired menus and innovative, really fucking tasty combinations of flavors, courtesy of Chefs Susan Feniger + Kajsa Alger.

On our most recent visit, we got a chance to catch up with Kajsa and try some of her new culinary experiments, a few of which we got off shots of—below, an eggplant + snow pea stir fry mixed with these stellar, chewy radish-rice cakes that are ground together and then baked; a melon salad with pesto + fried shallots; and a really amazing tomato salad with a black garlic glaze.

The restaurant is just wrapping up a month of special “Date Night” Tuesday dinners with menus featuring things like homemade seitan with caramelized onion broth, vegan strawberry shortcake with bourbon baked peaches + vanilla cream, and red shishito peppers, which I didn’t even know existed. They also plan to renovate the bar area in the coming months to allow for tap beers and some other fun surprises. Check them out if you’re in the area and get a chance—highly recommended.

You can read the interview we did with Chef Kajsa Alger and watch quarrygirl’s video on STREET here.