We love South Brooklyn, but I think it’s fair enough to say that North Brooklyn’s had a leg up on us for a while when it comes to solid Mexican food. They’ve got Handsome Taco, with their vegan Cornejo + Santa Cruz burritos, their vegan sausage at brunch, and their spicy cucumber margaritas; they have Papacitos, which was the hands-down premiere destination for great Mexican street food with superb vegan options…before they went severely downhill; they even have a Brooklyn outpost of late-night, old-school destination, San Loco (cue auto-audio if you click on that link; cue jacket that smells like refried beans for three days if you visit).

But Oaxaca Taqueria, with locations in Park Slope + Cobble Hill, has long been our go-to when we’re craving California style tacos with fresh and pickled vegetables. They’ve long featured vegetarian staples with their potato + pablano pepper and cactus options.

Now the taqueria has now expanded their animal-friendly offerings by adding a vegan soy chorizo, pictured above. Just be sure to ask for it without the queso.

Manhattanites, despair ye not—Oaxaca has locations in the Village + Upper West Side.