According to their newly designed Web site, The Butcher’s Daughter is “a new juice bar, cafe and ‘vegetable slaughter house'”. Nice.Located at the corner of Kenmare + Elizabeth in Manhattan, this small, light-filled, wonderfully designed space was opened by Heather Tierney of famed mixologist den Apothéke.Rather than employing their locally sourced produce in botanically inspired cocktails though, this new venture brings the same creative skills in mixing delectable tastes to bear on freshly made juices + café fare.

Even if you’re not a juice person, per se, The Butcher’s Daughter’s list of “Heritage Juices” can prove compelling at first glance and refreshingly inventive at first taste. Juices like the Water Flower—watermelon, fennel, honeydew, cactus pear, lime, lavender flower—and the Mexican Sunrise—corn (yes, corn), jicama, cherimoya, aloe juice, lemon, lime, agave, cayenne—buck the usual juice trends and provide some exciting alternatives to those of us who’ve grown a bit tired of the usual juice menus.

And their food menus prove equally exciting for anyone abstaining from meat + dairy (they actually do serve egg dishes in addition to tofu)—sandwiches with house-made adzuki bean bacon + sausages; fresh, daily vegatable-based soups; kasha-portobello burgers with cashew cheddar nut cheese; raw pesto linguine; and charcuterie boards with mushroom-walnut patés, white-bean-fennel sausages, cashew ricottas, and beet tartares again carve out a new space in vegan-friendly NYC.

Pun totally intended.

Below, house-made adzuki bean sausage + arugula on a fresh baguette with a spicy vegan mayonnaise; the Stalks + Leaves juice (zucchini, celery, green leaf lettuces, spinach, watercress, lemon, dill); the Mexican Sunrise; various shots of the wonderfully done decor (all designed by Tierney’s branding + concept firm, Wanderlust); and an intriguing sounding smoothie special.

The Butcher’s Daughter is located at 19 Kenmare Street at the corner of Elizabeth. Hit it up when you get a chance.