Last spring, when we first heard that Brooklyn was going to be getting its very own vegan doughnut makers, we flipped our shit. Pardon our French—we resolved to curse a LOT more in 2012.

Seriously though, Reader, if you’ve been as dedicated as I know you have been over the past years, we’re telling you nothing new by saying finely made vegan doughnuts send us over the moon. Or, at least to Seattle. Doubting Thomases, please refer to our open letter to Mighty O Donut from 2009, pleading with them to come to Brooklyn.

Thankfully, New York doesn’t need the West Coast to bail them out. What was I thinking‽ No, before Mighty O could respond to my heartfelt, pain-filled letter, word arrived that two dapper young men would soon begin creating tiny, artisan doughy rings of perfection right here in Brooklyn and shipping them out to vegan-friendly establishments throughout the boroughs. Said dapper young men, Dun-Well Doughnuts (notice the fancier spelling—SUCK IT MIGHTY O!), were interviewed by none other than the Kindness of Ravens crüe in April of last year. You can read that bit here.

“So why bother us with old news,” you ask, rather rudely, I might add, Reader. Here is why—Dun-Well has now opened their very own brick-and-mortar storefront in the ever-hip land of Williamsburg. And it is awesome.

We made a quick pre-holiday jaunt over to the newly anointed establishment last month to procure for ourselves a bakers’ dozen of the finest doughnuts we’ve had…ever, I think. Honestly—lovingly crafted, beautiful, tasty, and original. Among the flavors of the day that we snagged: Original Glazed (think a 1000% better Krispy Kreme donut); jelly-filed Peanut Butter + Jelly; Raspberry Glazed; Pecan Pie (with bits of crust on it!); Chocolate Glazed; Chocolate with Peanuts; Ginger Snap; Coconut; the divine Cinnamon Sugar; Vanilla Glazed with Chocolate Sprinkles; the powdered Raspberry Jelly Filled; and, for fans of the cake-y stye drop doughnuts (read: me), a Death by Chocolate chocolate-glazed chocolate cake donut and a holiday-themed Peppermint one, with peppermint flavored glaze and little bits of peppermint candy. Yes. It was VERY difficult to not eat all 13 in the car ride down to Virginia. And, as a holiday side-note, Katie’s parents totally loved them all. And, to top it off, had a completely vegan Christmas dinner this year. Go, Frichtels!

Point being, get your ass to Dun-Well. You know us—we ain’t gonna’ say something’s awesome unless it’s awesome. This shit’s awesome (resolution). 222 Montrose, literally right across the street from the L train Montrose stop.

Below, various photos of the awesomeness, including co-proprietor, Christopher, boxing up the day’s catch.