Dear LA friends who think we’re crazy because we’ve been talking about almonds the entire time we’ve been here: This is why.

Fat Uncle Farms, a Wasco, CA-based almond farm that, among other things, offers up our new favorite snack—Blistered Almonds.

Blistered Almonds is fancy marketing speak for dehydrated almonds, basically, but describing them as such doesn’t communicate how wildly delicious + addictive these things are. We had some at our friend Nina’s dinner party shortly after arriving in Los Angeles and we seriously had a hard time not parking ourselves in front of the bowl of almonds for the night and ignoring the hosts and other guests. Though it would have been worth the consequences of such a social faux pas, no doubt, we instead high-tailed it to the farmers’ market the following weekend to get our own.

Again, it’s hard to describe how good these are, but we’ll try: dehydrating local, California-grown almonds, which, admittedly are already really good as are, pulls all of the moisture out while condensing their almond flavor and leaving the nuts dry and pleasantly crisp, giving a chip-like texture as if they’d been fried but without all the oiliness that would entail.

In short though, you’ve just got to try them.

Angelenos, you can find a full list of the markets at which Fat Uncle holds court on their site—as of writing, you can find them somewhere in the LA area every day except Monday. And despair ye not, non-Californians! Fat Uncle also has an online shop, where you can order Blistered Almonds as well as all their other products, like nut butters, marzipan, and raw + roasted almonds.