We’re trying to post more of these here article type things—due to the OVERWHELMING demand—and, as a result, we’re doing some smaller, more frequent posts. Ones where we don’t necessarily pour ALL of our heart, soul, and spirit into. Ones where we maybe don’t pull out all the stops with the electronic thesaurus. Plus it’s like nuts balls awesome out. Who wants to work/blog/pretend to work in an office on a day like this? Who? Dimwits, that’s who. Dunderheads. Real saps. Clods, in fact. Mmmm. Right-click thesaurus.

Ooh. Perfect segue though… Speaking of clods… Inspired by a photo shoot in we had in the park yesterday (suck it, other jobs), we are reminded of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Annual Plant Sale. It started this morning and boasts the “largest and most exciting collection of quality plants in the metropolitan area.” I don’t know how they know what plants excite me (have you ever seen a Devil’s Tongue in person? It smells like “rotting flesh” when in bloom. That’s EXCITINGLY unpleasant), but I do know it’s Spring and, like us, you may have some vacant spots in your window boxes, gardens (lucky), or, I don’t know, hearts. The sale ends tomorrow at noon, so GET OUT THERE.
I know. We’re weirdly capital-y today. WEIRDLY. Oh, and for those of you who, again, like us, have thumbs that are not so much green as they are the representation of the very absence of light—not only glowing black, but pulling all color and greenness and life from the very space around them—check out this Guide to Houseplants. It’s even got a page entitled, 10 House Plants You Can’t Kill.
We’ll see about that. We’ll see….