A quick shout out for the Parisian jewelry-maker who dreamt up these Rainbow Links, carried at the new lifestyle store on Abbot Kinney, The Piece Collective.

This one’s made of rose gold and wound in neon cotton thread, but pay them a visit over in Venice—they’ve got a variety of base metals and styles at The Piece Collective. In addition to the goods the store carries, the space itself is pretty covetable, with an awesome, bright yellow angular design on the facade and a calming, zen-like interior. According to TPC:

“We are a lifestyle concept store with an emphasis on the curation of product that we offer here. We carry a collection of fun and innovative ‘gift items’ that includes homeware/decor, accessories, apparel, and really any objects that are both innovative and aesthetically stimulating to us. The overall idea is that a customer gets to experience each product individually as they walk around the store but are also moved in some way by the collection of objects as a whole, giving light to the concept and name of the store, ‘The Piece Collective.'”

Akin a bit to NYC’s Kiosk—which we wrote up so long ago—in the sense that they’re presenting curated content with a narrative. Just much more sunny + beach in TPC’s case.

The Piece Collective is located at 1629 Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. You can follow their visual adventures via Instagram.