You know how you have those moments where you realize that—despite the fact that you’re paying crippling high rents and dealing with a staggering standard of living to be in New York City—you’re basically spending most of your waking hours in an endless cycle of wake-work-eat-sleep that could take place pretty much anywhere? Yeah, us too. But then…then you have those counter moments where you walk by Janelle Monáe on the way back from cool-ass beach you took the train to, or you step out the door and get fresh bread and locally made whatever within a block of your apartment, or you realize, looking at the Manhattan skyline on the free ferry from Governors Island, how cool this city really is. Or, you look at your imaginary watch and realize, ‘Hey. It’s Fashion Week.’ I know what you’re thinking: ‘Pssh. Over-priced gowns and dead animals draped over anorexic models. Whatevs.’ But you’re overlooking a very important feature of Fashion Week, my friend—Fashion’s Night Out, the night when designers, stores, and…er…even pharmacies offer up to the masses discounted late-night shopping, glammy celebs, DJs, live music from local artists, and, most importantly, a ton of free booze. So suck it, Deluth. I might be able to rent a whole house there for $95 a month, but do Gwen Stefani and (P) Diddy hang out at your cosmetic stores? That’s what I thought.

We were out of town for last year’s FNO, so we’re extremely excited about the event this year. But, rather than schlep it Manhattan, fighting the crowds to meet Jersey Shore’s Vinny, we’re keeping to the more intimate Brooklyn parties that independent shops and designers are throwing tonight. If you’re interested in some good times and freebies and are in NYC tonight, may we suggest the following Friday Fave Five Fash Fah Fi…something. Ordered alphabetically not preferentially.
1. The Banquet
Favorite local designers Miranda Bennett + Pamela Johnston/Plume showcase their clothing and jewelry, respectively, at their Atlantic Ave. shop, The Banquet. Tonight, they team up with Vogue to give you “DooWop. Vintage. Infused Cocktails. Fun.” Can’t argue with any of that.
The Banquet, 360 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, 12-10PM
2. Bird
Jen Mankin’s Brooklyn-based fashion empire celebrates at all three of the store’s locations tonight, all featuring 15% off EVERYTHING with proceeds benefitting the NYC non-profit, City Harvest. If you’re more the late-night party type though, hone in on the Williamsburg soirée which is rockin’ it ’til at least 11PM with DJs and a whole lotta party at the über-impressive LEED-certified space.
Bird Williamsburg, 203 Grand Street, Brooklyn, 6-11PM
3. Ecouterre
Don’t expect hemp tea or live granola patties at the event held by Ecouterre—a Web site dedicated to sustainable fashion design. As they put it—”We may not have the Olsen twins singing karaoke or the Proenza Schouler boys facing off in a game of ping-pong, but Fashion’s Night Out isn’t about to be ethical fashion’s night in.” Park Slope’s Textile Arts Center is hosting their night of ‘slow fashion,’ featuring a natural tie-die workshop (okay, that’s a little crunchy, I guess), a panel on eco-fashion, and shopping hours with local designers.
Textile Arts Center, 505 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, 6-11PM
4. In God We Trust
Shana Tabor’s always impressed us with both her in-house line at In God We Trust and the outside designers she chooses to carry. So we’re psyched she’s having a FNO event tonight, though, admittedly, Katie’s a little less psyched than I am. Why? This event’s very much for the boys (icky), with exclusives by Brooklyn tie-makers, The Hill-Side and other purveyors of manly goods, along with high-fashion craziness in the form of caricatures, on-site tailoring, straight-razor shaves, personalized engravings, tattoos (?), and live music. Oh. And tons of booze.
In God We Trust, 70 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, 6-11PM
5. Sir
Last but not in the least least, stellar local dress-maker Joanna Baum is throwing a bash at her Williamsburg shop, Sir, along with Society of LES, featuring, yes, drinks and dresses, but also a live performance by swoony songstress and recent Band Crush of Nylon Magazine, Alexa Wilding at about 830PM.
Sir, 129 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, 6-11PM
So get out there tonight a party like you live in New York…. I mean, if you live in New York.
Sorry, Deluth.