I mean, honestly, all we really want to do here is keep writing about David Bowie and what he meant to us, as it’s all we can think about or talk about or cry about. But we’re trying to keep it together here and get some shit done as we secretly continue to mourn under it all.

So, in that spirit…we just added some new web work we completed recently to our portfolio. The client was Fogarty Finger, a New York City architecture + interiors firm that focuses on the commercial, residential, and multifamily realms and just does some really great work. Our first priority for this work was to elegantly showcase the deep and impressive body of work the firm had to show for its years of practice—the prior site structure was pretty inflexible and really just a  poor framing for such visually impactful interiors and exteriors; it was throwing up barriers to appreciating the firm rather than presenting it with clarity and grace.

Our final design—beautifully put to work and developed by the team at Pel yet again—presents the firm in the light they deserve.

You can see more images below, yet more and a detailed write-up in our portfolio, and visit the site itself.

fogarty-finger_9686 fogarty-finger_9637 fogarty-finger_9658