Our second Find of the day (remember, we’re doubling down, Reader) are two very different design tools, one free, one…very un-free.

We just heard about the un-free one from our friends at Yellow Owl Workshop and it WILL NOT STOP BLOWING OUR MINDS. It’s a new digital sketch pen from Wacom called the Inkling, and it allows you to sketch on paper—like we’re all so used to doing—and capture the digital likeness of your sketches, translating them to vectors and even going as far as allowing for layer creation in programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. If you’re not a designer or illustrator or at least familiar with digital design, you may well be like, “Meh? Meh.” Otherwise, you, like us, are probably a lot more like “WHA? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” To you, we say—We totally agree. Now get it together, dude. Check out the video below. And yes, that robot is awesome.

The other design find was brought to our attention last week by our good friend, Jacob. Again, if you’re not familiar with the design field, you may not be aware that, as designers dealing with layouts for print or Web pieces you’re often in need of some filler text. Now, you don’t want to just copy a word and hit the paste key a million times because a) this looks lame, and b) this doesn’t demonstrate a dynamic layout or give a realistic impression of how elements like images will interact with the layout.
Enter lorem ipsum—placeholder text used since the 60’s or so, written in latin, and—most commonly—taken from Roman philosopher Cicero’s writings and rearranged so that it’s nonsensical when translated. I know—designers are total nerds. But after placing lorem ipsum, say, ONE MILLION TIMES IN A DAY, it can get a little old. Like reading latin. Now, enter Hipster Ipsum—the filler-text-generator created by LA-based WordPress savant Jason Cosper using a combination of latin and—you guessed it—hipster terminology. Here’s an excerpt we just created:Jean shorts chambray ut tofu mustache, aute sustainable id aliqua wayfarers banh mi Austin. Banh mi american apparel iphone, pitchfork consequat synth tumblr tempor tofu magna 3 wolf moon salvia blog delectus enim. Gentrify sustainable esse DIY occaecat dolor, wayfarers craft beer high life aesthetic. Mlkshk etsy sed placeat. High life thundercats aliqua aute etsy. Whatever et leggings, sustainable ethical synth cillum four loko velit id sunt ea carles. Carles cardigan lomo, farm-to-table bicycle rights portland photo booth nisi +1 consectetur craft beer.

Should latin be totally bumming you out, you can also opt for “Hipster, neat.” So, got a client with a sense of humor (we’re about to find out, by the way)? Get fillin’!