A shout-out to both the new waxed canvas Sinclair boot from LA shoe-maker Nicora Johns and the modeling prowess of the studio’s better half, Katie Frichtel.

We really love Nicora Johns because they’ve made it a priority to manufacture in America, which can really, really tough after so many years of outsourcing to oversea markets and (importantly) having American consumers get used to lower prices that result.

As founder Stephanie Johns puts it:
“Happy shoemakers and earth-friendly products are just as important as aesthetics! Since each pair of shoes is made of sometimes 25+ different parts and materials, it becomes very difficult to trace each part back to its origin and certify that it was produced sustainably and without harming any shoemakers. I decided to forego the giant question mark of purchasing or producing abroad, so all of NJ’s parts and materials are locally sourced from factories and the shoes are made 20 minutes away from my house.”

Pretty cool. And the shoes themselves are beautifully designed and made to last. I personally have to make a conscious decision to not wear my black faux leather Sinclairs daily, not to sound like a commercial for Nicora Johns.

But come by MooShoes Los Angeles, check ’em out for yourself, and say hey.