Woolverton Inn – Stockton, NJ

Visiting a bed + breakfast as vegans, we usually just go for the bed portion of things, making sure we tell the proprietors that we’re vegan and they don’t really need to do anything special for us. We’re not huge breakfast people anyway, truth be told. But every now and then, we’ll stay at a place that seems to take the whole vegan guest thing as a bit of a challenge.

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of loading in a minivan with a bunch of friends and driving out to New Hope, PA for the wedding of our pals, Deirdre + John. The wedding was grand: we drank too much, danced too much, saw way too many people we saw far too little of normally, and talked way too much to some slightly crazy family members. All the hallmarks of a great wedding. But that, we expected. We didn’t expect to totally fall in love with the random place we found to stay across the Delaware River in Stockton, NJ. 

The Woolverton Inn is an old country estate pretty much out in the middle of the woods of New Jersey, a stone’s throw from the surprisingly quaint, quirky, fun town of New Hope, PA, which happened to be having their local pride festival this weekend. The main estate is made up of a big old stone house that dates from the late 1700s and is surrounded by preserved forest and farmland. They even have some resident sheep and goats whose sole job is to hang out, eat, and look cute. In this economy, man…. Sheesh.

And, as hinted at above, they totally kicked ass on the whole vegan breakfast thing without even the slightest request. Gimme Lean vegan sausage patties, grilled tofu mixed with onions and peppers and all kinds of other good vegetables, sautéed greens, and this little vegetable salad. SO nice. Especially after a night of celebratory drinking on their back porch. Oh, Overholt

To top it all off, they were all super nice. And, though we didn’t have time to partake in any additional fun, they evidently have some nice steam train country-side tours and area wineries to visit. In short, if you’re in New York or Philly and looking for a little country get away, we totally recommend this place…that is, of course, after you’ve visited Farm Sanctuary’s renowned and superbly blissful bed + breakfast in Watkins Glen, NY. More on that later though.

Corvids out!