Two weeks ago—before we started down the post-filled path that was LA Week last week—we mentioned that we were in the middle of writing up a certain artist when we heard news of the bombing in Boston and changed course. Reason being that the song we wanted to feature had some violent imagery in the lyrics that could hit the wrong note in such a sensitive time. YADi’s “The Blow” is that song.

It’s nothing shocking—normally we wouldn’t give it a second thought—but the artist’s analogies between love + gunplay and the resulting imagery seemed like it could hit a nerve with some listeners. All that said, we think it’s a great song from a promising new artist, so we feel the need make it heard.

British-born Hannah Yadi—who goes commercially by the stylized truncation YADi—plays catchy, powerful, electronic-based pop with African roots in its sound and strong melodies. All good stuff. Her songbook isn’t very extensive at this point, but, from what little we’ve heard so far, we should expect to a lot of great things from her going forward.

Download her single—”The Blow”—then watch her videos for the remix made by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard below and last year’s excellent “Guillotine.”

Man. I think she might want to put a lens to her dating life, eh?

You can hear more on YADi’s site + her SoundCloud stream and stay up-to-date on her touring and such via her Facebook + Twitter accounts.

Photo above by Alex Lake; below by Diana Gomez.