Maybe you’ve heard rumblings of late regarding the massive and massively controversial $7 billion Keystone XL pipeline that’s been proposed in British Columbia. Maybe you heard about how leading environmentalist, author, and all-around super-nice old dude (seriously—we shared beers together a while back), Bill McKibben, was arrested in September for protesting the pipeline outside the White House. Or maybe you heard about how 12,000 environmentalists and concerned citizens stood shoulder-to-shoulder around the White House this past Sunday to give voice to this same issue. 

…but did you know there such a thing as a SPIRIT BEAR‽ And that it’s TOTALLY AWESOME‽ And that there are only 400 left and that said same pipeline could totally wipe them off the face of the earth forever, despite their awesomeness‽ And that, yes, we ARE trying to bring back the interrobang‽ 

Take a look at this video from NRDC, narrated by Kevin Bacon, who I still have yet to come three degrees within. Then—in all seriousness—head over to NRDC’s super-easy/-quick-to-use form to send big oil the message—the Spirit Bear’s way to cool to F around with.