New month, new mix—that’s how we work it.

February’s mixtape features a pretty eclectic array of songs from an equally eclectic group of musicians. We’ve got a brand new one from Canadian electronic duo Junior Boys—a welcome return from a name we haven’t heard in a long while—two songs from two new Captured Tracks artists,  B Boys + Charlie Hilton, a crazy 8-bit-y love song from Perth, Australia’s Sable (via Mark Redito), a beautiful, not so new song from a Montreal band I’m late to (and that may not exist any more), The Luyas, a haunting start from Christchurch’s Doprah, and a really, really superb debut from Vampire Weekend bassist, Chris Baio, who’s going by the simplified Baio as he ventures out on his own—Bio plays Los Angeles at the El Rey tomorrow night for anyone interested, by the by. And a ton more, of course.

Give the whole thing a listen below or on our soundcloud page any time.