We’re keeping it brief today as we’ve only just arrived back from a day-long field trip showing the local 6th graders from Cheremoya Elementary around the virtual orchard that makes up Hollywood Orchard up the hill from their school.

The Hollywood Orchard is a local community group that works “to better neighborhood quality of life by operating a community orchard that is a teaching model for sustainability through its workshops on growing fruit locally, and sharing the food in open-air events held in the Beachwood community, outreach communities, and food-charity organizations.” And, as luck would have it, we ended up moving to Ground Zero for the Orchard—Glen Green Street—and have subsequently involved ourselves in their regular events, like educational Farmers’ Circles, Pick ‘n’ Kitchens, and, today’s

We’ve briefly mentioned the Orchard in other posts—like the lemon poppyseed cake recipe we posted and the interview we did with local cafe owner, Patti Peck—and will surely use this space to tell you about other work we do with them, both design and hard labor. We’ll also be sure to explain exactly what a cherimoya is and why it’s awesome a little down the road.

Right now, though, we need to go sleep off seven straight hours of unforgiving sun, harrowing cliff-climbing, and socializing with 6th graders.  In the meantime, you can find out more about Hollywood Orchard on the group’s site and see pictures as they’re posted to the Orchard Facebook page.

Above, 6th grader, Tad, showing off the local Black Walnut tree branch bearing tiny walnut fruits as George looks tough in the background. Go Team Dragonfruit!

To the right, Cheremoya Elementary, circa 1920.

I didn’t take that photo.