New York may have the year’s best burger (which—hats off to NYC’s Superiority Burger—is meatless), but we’ve got Burgerlords, Los Angeles.

The modest take-out joint comes from two brothers already steeped in the LA restaurant world (they helped their father open the slightly less vegan-friendly Oinkster) who have an obvious love of burger-craft (Burgerlords is the namesake of their longtime Tumblr of the same name, which holds high all things burger). Much like Superiority’s menu, Burgerlords’ menu is brief and to-the-point—it features burgers, cheeseburgers, fries, and soda. Unlike the Oinkster’s menu, though small, it’s vegan-friendly, offering not just vegan-apporoved patties, but housemade patties—”made fresh daily with a custom blend of grains & vegetables”—served with vegan Thousand Island dressing and a slice of vegan American cheese on the cheeseburger (Follow Your Heart, by our estimation).

Katie + I got the chance yesterday to visit the recently opened Burgerlords, located on the Old Chinatown Central Plaza, and we can report back with the utmost authority that it rules. Cheeseburgers are crave-worthy—I already want another—and the fries are crispy, just salty enough, and beautifully done. Get yourself there.

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