News on the Quick

This is admittedly somewhat late notice, but, anyone in NYC today who wants to take an hour or two out of what they’re doing to speak out for those poor carriage horses should come on down to City Hall. Arguments are being presented on two bills in front of the NYC Council, one that would ban horse-drawn carriages in the city and one that would protect the industry. So…yay one, boo the other, basically. 

PRESS CONFERENCE –12:00 noon for the Avella Press conference on the steps of City Hall
PUBLIC HEARING – 1:00 PM Council Hearing begins
WHERE – City Hall – 2nd floor Council Chambers. You may enter on either the Broadway or Park Row side.

So, if you’re looking for some 2009-style political action, we’ve got your fix. Come on out, show your opposition to the industry, even testify (TESTIFY!) if you want. I’ll be the one in ass-end of the sad horse costume.

Too Hot for TV
PETA’s pro-veggie ad with the general message of ‘vegetarians get it on better’ got pulled from the Super Bowl line-up for being too risqué. You know. Because risqué ads are so offensive to the American public. But lucky you can see it here. The behind the scenes footage is pretty funny, actually. Funnier still: This CNN piece on it our friend Agatha sent us. It’s true. They did exploitate one of the most beautiful creatures on this earth. 

Sell, Sell, Sell!
Two bad-ass sales at bad-ass stores going on this weekend. First, In God We Trust is holding a sample sale this Saturday and Sunday at their Lafayette Street location. Come and score a superbly-made shirt, dress, what have you, for a fraction of the price. Saturday, January 31 + Sunday “Holly Crap It’s Already February”, February 1, 11AM-6PM.

And the super Kubersky sisters are having a blow-out online sale of all things faux leather at MooShoes. They’re revamping their site and trying to make room for new stock, so get it while you can. Type moosales5 and you will automatically get 5% off your next purchase. If you spend over $150, type moosales10 and you will get 10% off of your purchase.

Who the Hell is Miike Snow?
We don’t know, but we dig his/their/it’s sound. This mystery person/group/robotic entity has been getting high-profile remixes from every other über-DJ and not a soul seems to know a thing about them. It’s like watching Lost or something. Check them out.

Fat Birds
We have fat birds in our back yard. See above.

Have a great weekend!