“Totally best mixtape yet.”

Is what I said to myself after finalizing this month’s mixtape last night. I mean, what does this Troy guy, know, right? But this is a pretty great one. Between combing through the wealth of “new” bands that played SXSW and the others coming out of the woodwork as festival season gears up, I’m really into these songs and excited to hear more from all of these bands.

Starting off with an awesome pop song from the adorably named Australian duo Oh Pep!, who begins a North American tour in June (they play LA’s Bootleg in July) and then go straight to what’s likely the catchiest tune of the mic, “Forever, Never” by un-Google-able Bay Area band YOURS. We’ve also got an awesome song from Boxed In + Formation, both out of London, that’s the product of a collaborative project from producer Dan Carey requiring bands to write and record tracks in a single day at his studio; a beautifully droning, rhythmic song from Tokyo’s Kikagaku Moyo (translation: “geometric patterns”), a quintet that incorporates elements of classical Indian music, Krautrock, Traditional Folk, and 70s Rock; a soulful electronic track from Los Angeles’ Soayla (with accompanying art [right] from Tallulah Fontaine, who we dig); chilled out island pop from Holy ’57; glitchy beautifulness from the much-hyped NYC producer/musician The Range (AKA James Hinton); and we end with Paris’ Joon Moon and Brooklyn’s Arthur Moon (no relation). And more in-between.

Put the mix on, open a bottle of wine, and chill with a friend. And, as always, support any artist you like on here by buying their music and seeing them live.