On our way down south to visit family recently we heard what has to be our new favorite Christmas song. New meaning new to us—the song, “Christmas Day” by Squeeze, was released back in 1979, and then only in the UK to a lukewarm-at-best reception.

One of our favorite curators of music, Daniel Gill of Force Field PR, seems to have been well ahead of us on this find though. He featured it amidst other holiday hits in his 2012 holiday mixtape.

The media player below starts in from the beginning of Daniel’s mixtape, all of which is well worth the listen, but the Squeeze song hits at about 37:45 if you want to skip ahead to it. You can click here to get right to it too.

Daniel’s got another great holiday mix going this year too—check it out here.

So merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, joyful Kwanzaa, and, if none of that hits home for you, jubilant Time Off Work Spent with Friends + Family to you. That’s the best one, really. Just needs a pithier name.