The two had recently taken over Garfield when they contact us at the beginning of 2013, wanting to push the small firm into a new direction. We started with a rebranding of their public persona and messaging, focusing first on creating a series of print ads, developing a concept, defining the visual theme, and writing the copy for the ads.

Taking the work we did with that rebranding and the resulting products, we extended that style and applied it to a total revamp of the company’s website. After meeting with Elizabeth and Paul, we established a site map and overall information architecture for the site based on their priorities and goals for their primary Web presence. The design itself emphasizes ease-of-use, functionality across devices, and simplified avenues of access for the information presented, bringing in a clean, flat design that highlights the photography—since we all agreed real estate photography is critical.

Another important aspect of the project for Elizabeth and Paul was effectively communicating the personality of both the firm and its agents. To that end, we developed the concept for highly personalized agent pages, allowing them to share much of what they love about the neighborhoods in which they work, post testimonials from past clients, display past listings, and, generally, show users they’re more than your average New York realtor.

As with much of the ad work we’ve done for Garfield, we took on everything from copywriting to actual photography with the site design, which involved coordinating with a third party real estate tech company on the database work.