We started the process by discussing design + messaging needs with both BRICK and the strategic communications firm they hired, focusing on a modern, holistic re-brand that would unfold over different products for both the larger organization and the other agencies within the BRICK umbrella.

After drafting + considering multiple conceptual paths, we all arrived at a logo and overall brand that built visually from BRICK’s approach to addressing inequities and barriers to success, comprising four pillars of thought that make up their unique approach. Focusing on this idea of pathways to success, we depict forms that feed from and into one another, creating an infinite, knot-like loop made up of four large curves and defining dedicated colors for each pathway or pillar.

Once the brand for the larger organization was firmly in place, we set forth on both creating associated brands for a number of the support agencies under the BRICK umbrella and worked on website planning, design, information architecture, and development.

Visually, we carried through typography and colors we defined in the branding development process, including the dedicated color ways for each of BRICK’s four core philosophical pillars. The final site walks the fine line between branding + over-branding, pulling in visuals derived from the logo itself and using brand colors to make pages pop and grab attention strategically.

We also created custom illustrations + data visualizations for both the site and a 25-page branding + messaging guide that we designed and put together in partnership with the aforementioned strategic communication firm that was working with BRICK.