After establishing the new brand, we moved on to Winrock’s web site. Working hand-in-hand with the client, we all came to realize early on that the scope of the project was far greater than a simple site redesign. The result was a total restructuring of the way Winrock thought about itself as an organization and a complete re-telling of their story to their audience.

We began the site design process by boiling down the organization’s priorities in messaging and user action and streamlining the content and information architecture from there. After months of design, planning, and development work with the client, the new site launched in spring of 2016.

Features include a fully responsive design with customized mobile layout and navigation, interactive world map technology, highly structured categories and sub-categories that capture the organization’s work geographically and by issue area, a low bandwidth option, multi-language functionality to translate any and all pages of the site, and custom illustrations, among others.

After the site launch, our agency focused on a multitude of other projects with Winrock for both screen and print including email newsletters, field reports, educational materials, signage, letterhead and business card suites, event presentations, print advertisements, infographics, and much more.