Nearly two years back, on a trip north to Portland, Oregon and the surrounding coastal region, we posted a picture of a bagel to our Instagram feed.

Having lived in New York for some time and to this day retaining many New Yorkers in our circle of friends, this clearly opened us up to criticism. You see, the popular notion, in New York at least, is that true bagels can’t really be made correctly outside of the local area. Be it the water, local skill and knowledge, or just northeastern elitism, the belief exists, whether it’s spoken or not, as evident from our IG feed.

We’re opening ourselves up to such criticism again by way of letting fellow vegans know that roving Los Angeles bagel-purveyors Yeastie Boys have what we’d consider a lovely animal-product-free option for their bagels (no quotes)—a house-made (truck-made?) cashew-tofu sun-dried tomato schmear that’s both great for photos and great in your belly. Call us NYC sell-outs who’ve lost their taste for well-done boiled bread, but we loved it combined with their everything bagels. Though we do prefer everything with salt. Just sayin, Yeasties.

The truck’s schedule differs from time-to-time, but is posted on their site. They’ve been spending time across the street from MooShoes LA, in front of Alfred Coffee in Silver Lake over this past weekend. Check their Twitter feed to be sure.

PS—nice branding, guys.