Today we start in on a week’s worth of food-related pieces leading up to Thanksgiving. First up—a Thanksgiving recipe guide Katie created for longtime client, Farm Sanctuary.

It’s got something for everyone, from those just dipping their toe in the waters of cruelty-free living to old-timer vegans, with handy general tips + substitutions and exciting recipes that go beyond your average dairy-free mashed potatoes + gravy. …not that we’re knocking mashed potatoes + gravy. We’re just trying to mix it up a little bit this year. You know. Keep things exciting, new; make this holiday pop, man!

One recipe from the guide that we’re hoping will help us do that—Potato Fennel Gratin, contributed by Native Foods Café. Though that Carmel Apple Cheesecake doesn’t sound like it’s anything to sneeze at either.

Where the hell did that expression come from, by the way? In what culture did people sneeze on things they thought not up-worthy?

Anyway, whether you’re looking to go totally animal product free this Thanksgiving or just cut down on your animal consumption, give this guide a look. It’ll be worth your while.

Above, the Wellington from Native Food—a puff pastry full of seitan, kale, yams, and stuffing, available for order online.