Nearly four months ago, we put a halt to all regular blog pieces, taking the longest break from writing in the five plus years we’ve doing it and leaving what I can only assume was a massive, anguishing hole in everyone’s lives.

Partly, our virtual absences was due to major life changes—moving home + business from the upper right-hand side of our fine country to the lower left-hand side—but it was also done to enable us to focus in on a redesign of our Web site and, with it, our blog, Kindness of Ravens.

Well, I’m here to inform all those concerned that we are back and we are better than ever.

Along with a complete refresh of our Web site itself, we’ve pulled the journal (né blog) into the fabric of the site to better integrate it with our work and build a more cohesive public persona.

That sounded pretty good, right?

Truth is, we’ve long wanted to unify our blog audience and our business one, have grown very tired of dealing with the confines of Blogger, and—as mentioned above—are into shaking things up of late. Thus…this.

Please do feel free to peruse the new site. Not only does it have a completely new look, but—with friend + developer, Paul Singh—we’ve taken a hatchet to the organization of the whole thing, giving users much more streamlined access to our portfolio. You can explore via the top navigation categories—print, brand, web—and, once on project pages, use the right-side icons—illustration, art direction, et cetera—to see additional classes of work.

As for this space, expect a few other changes in the coming months. We haven’t been idle in the past few months and, in fact, have a virtual stack of pieces to share with you. We will be focusing in a bit more in terms of categories of coverage though, so you can use those tabs at the top write of every journal page to see any pieces tagged with design + art, culture, music, and/or food.

And please be patient with our past blog posts at Kindness of Ravens—thought all five years of writing’s been pulled into the new structure and old links will continue to work, we’re working backwards as we manually clean them all up a bit. So don’t be alarmed if things look a little wonky as you dig back.