We just made our first Caprese salad using the newly revamped Kite Hill nut cheeses, and we have to say—pretty awesome.

The cheeses themselves aren’t drastically different—they’ve changed packaging and recipes slightly in an attempt to bring the price point down a bit and make them available more widely in Whole Foods nationwide—but this just happens to be our first attempt to do anything other than eat the cheeses with crackers.

We just tossed the sliced Soft Original cheese and Soft Ripened (the Brie-like one) with sliced farmers market cherry tomatoes, Lunchbox peppers, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, and salt + pepper to taste and it was pretty perfect for a summer-never-ends first day of fall lunch in Los Angeles. Give it a go if you get a chance.

You can read the review we did last fall of Kite Hill’s White Alder cheese (now renamed Soft Ripened) and use their product locator to find a Whole Foods near you that carries them.

Now, to hold our breath as we await the new line of cheeses from Matthew Kenney + chef Scott Winegard (check out Scott’s Instagram post).