We love it when the drums come in.

To expand on that—we love it when an author, film-maker, musician or any other story-teller can take us from one small, quiet, everyday moment to a sudden emotional peak. An oddly sharp-witted little girl in a Paris apartment building comes to the sudden realization that beauty is all around her and eloquently pulls the reader into seeing that very beauty; two frustrated friends stranded in the middle of Chicago are shocked to find their third, wildly charismatic friend atop a float singing “Danke Schoen”; and a dynamic shift in a song brings you from mildly tapping your foot to throwing your hands up in the air and most likely totally embarrassing yourself.

Montreal band, Stars, are skilled practitioners of such dynamic musical shifts and the new, slightly ramblingly named track “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It” from their forthcoming album, The North, gives evidence to that yet again. See what we did there? Rambling sentance for a rambling song title. It’s like we’re the Kurt Vonnegut of blogs.

The North—Stars’ fifth studio full-length by my count—is due out September 4th on the band’s own label and they’ll be playing Webster Hall in New York with Diamond Rings + California Wives September 22nd. In the meantime though, check out their track as this week’s Song and, if you want more, head over to Stars’ album Web site to download another new track for free.

Band photo below by Norman Wong.

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