We’ve never been ones for the apparent penchant for dead animals and de-feathered birds Bat for Lashes—AKA, English songstress, Natasha Khan—seems to possess, but there’s no denying that she’s one talented artist.

Case in point, her hauntingly beautiful new track, “Laura,” which, with its sparse, simple piano, hones the listener’s focus in on Khan’s impassioned, soaring vocals. The song is the first glimpse of new studio material we’ve been given as we approach the release of her third full-legth album, The Haunted Man.

Give “Laura” a listen below and then, since the MP3 isn’t being pushed promotionally right now, download her superb cover of the Depeche Mode classic, “Strangelove” as an added bonus. You can also head over to Stereogum to listen to Khan covering everyone from Radiohead to the Eurythmics to Springsteen.

You can see the just-released cover art for The Haunted Man—shot by NYC-based photographer Ryan McGinley—and watch the lovely, light-filled, fur-less, animal-headress-less video for “Laura” below. Fingers crossed—maybe she had one of those celebrity vegan revelations or something. Maybe.

The Haunted Man hits stores October 15th in the UK and the 23rd stateside and Apple’s giving away the single, “Laura”, for a meager buck-twenty-nine.

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