Reader, as you’ve likely picked up by now, we’re a fairly schizophrenic blog. I’m not saying our blog is going to hug you and then stab you with a knife, I’m more saying we’re kinda all over the place—one day, a post on a band we like; one day, a recipe we think’s ‘pretty rad’; another day, something on a movie.

To wit, we’re often emailing a variety of people, from band members or other music industry types to authors and restauranteurs. Recently, it’s come to my attention that my email address seems to have inadvertently been added to the employee list of one restauranteur who shall remain nameless so as to avoid any e-embarassment. So I started getting emails about cleaning out the staff fridge more diligently and summer holiday hours and when the health department might be stopping by. Until now, though, I’ve avoided the temptation to write back to say, ‘Hey, I don’t actually work there and I think you might have put me on these emails by accident,’ thinking they’d eventually figure out and, again, to avoid any undue embarrassment.

Today, however, I received yet another email of this ilk, but this one included an attachment entitled ‘SCHEDULE.’ Just out of curiosity, I opened up the attachment, and, lo and behold, I’m totally scheduled to work while I’m on vacation.

So the question, Reader, is—what’s the etiquette here. Do I just not show up, which seems rude and, frankly, isn’t very ‘me,’ you know? But there’s not quite time to give two weeks notice, which I’m guessing is still industry standard (it’s been a while since I’ve been in that kind of environment). So that’s out. Do you think I can get someone to cover my shift? I mean, I didn’t even know I worked there, so that should garner some sympathy with the co-workers I didn’t even know I had. Or do I just need to bite the bullet, cancel vacation, and hope that this just ends up being the turning of a fated new page in my life?

Well, worst case scenario, at least I’ll have the sweet, island-y, early-80s-inspired tunes of St. Lucia to keep me in that vacation state of mind, even as Katie’s frolicking through the waves without me. The solo endeavor of Jean-Philip Grobler of Brooklyn (by way of Johannesberg…I think there’s a Chunnel), St. Lucia pretty unabashedly lifts some solid pop strategy from the 1980’s game book here, but his song-writing skills are just good enough to make it work. And his spattering of more modern electronic riffs and smooth, clean, choir-trained vocals go a long way to give his music an air of easy enjoyability.

Listen to this week’s Song, St. Lucia’s superb “All Eyes on You” from Grobler’s debut, self-titled EP, which you can stream fully below, purchase via the iTunes, and order on 10″ vinyl via Neon Gold. You can also check out St. Lucia’s video for another great, groove-heavy EP track, “Before the Dive” below.

And yes—there are sax solos. Embrace them. They are warm, like love or those crescent rolls in the commercials.

Note: Music posted to this site is kept online for a limited period of time out of fairness to the artists and, you know, our server. So if this is now an older post, the links may well be dead.