Coming off of Pride Week, and given the exciting developments for same-sex couples in recent days, we feel the need to celebrate musically. Who better to help us do so than NYC’s AVAN LAVA, an accurately self-described “Super-Pop act” that blends poppy dance-centric music with high-energy live shows + is fronted by Tom ‘TC’ Hennes (center above).

Hennes penned an article for Huffington Post last year entitled “AVAN LAVA Helped Me Open Up About My Sexuality, But Am I a ‘Gay Artist’?”. The thrilling conclusion—Fuck it; let’s dance.

As Hennes writes:

“Our show and our music are truly intended to be an inclusive experience. This shit is for everyone, and we’re happy to see it become contagious! We spend a lot of energy enhancing our live show. I think we’ve created a stadium-ready production — synchronized LED lights, fog, lasers, choreography, surprises — so now all we need is the stadium status! People always walk away saying, “I danced my ass off!” That’s really our goal: dance, get drunk, let yourself go, make out with a stranger, and wake up sore… from the dancing…” (you can read the full piece over at HuffPo).

We have yet to attend an AVAN LAVA show—they play Bowery Ballroom August 1 with the superb Body Language + one of this writer’s favorite local artists, Computer Magic (who we first wrote up in 2011)—but their recordings just sound like a really, really awesome dance party.

Give their track “Feels Good” a listen below and see if you can keep your foot from tapping, Reader. You can listen to the rest of their EP, Flex Fantasy, on the band’s SoundCloud page (check out “It’s Never Over” for an even bigger dance floor hit).

Bonus—check out their VRY HT (that means ‘very hot’) and beautifully shot video for their more tame yet still frightfully addictive track “Sisters” below. The band is expected to release their debut full-length later this year.

And way to go, America.

AVAN LAVA – “Sisters” (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Alexander Hammer :: EDITOR on Vimeo.