Man. Will you look at that, Reader. We’ve got nearly solid music posts all the way back to the beginning of October. It’s like we don’t even care about wonderful vegan recipes, or well-crafted design, or crazy animated GIFs of cats that just can’t handle it. It’s like we DON’T EVEN CARE!

PS—we totally care about all of those things.

Well, one more music article, just to keep with the regularity of our daily features, then we promise to get back to some solid design/art/food/small business shopping/cat writing.

Yannick Ilunga—AKA Petite Noir, born to an Angolan Mother and a Congolese Father and now based in Cape Town, South Africa—has got us brimming with anticipation for what’s to come. The 21-year-old is single-handedly writing intricate electronic music that he provides a solid base for using live instrumentation and deep, soulful baritone vocals.

Give this week’s Song—his dark + moody but equally catchy, “Till We Ghosts”—a listen to see what we mean. Then check out his video for “Disappear” (directed by South African, Travys Owen), below.Ilunga is currently on tour with a full band, opening up for one of our favorites—Foals—as they make their way across the UK. Fingers crossed he’ll make it stateside soon.