This wedding announcement is totally ridiculous.

Not in the ‘hey that’s stupid, why did you make that’ kinda way—though Gawker, who claimed that “The World’s Most Hipster Wedding Announcement May Justify Outlawing Love,” would likely disagree. No, it’s ridiculous in the ‘oh my god, that’s so awesome and creative and pretty and cute I want to eat it like it’s a finely groomed puppy made of cotton candy’ kind of way. You know what I’m saying.

Our friend Lara just sent us a link to said mind-blowing wedding site last night, created by designers, Russ Maschmeyer + Jessica Hische. They’re getting married and, though we’re not invited to the wedding, we’d like to thank them for what we think is the coolest wedding announcement evah. ‘Sright. Evah.

My mom has no idea what either of those two words are supposed to be.

But see for yourself whether you’re Team Jess + Russ or Team Jerkface. You know. We’re impartial.

Oh, and Gawker, with regards to your snide comment—sorry, I’ll narrow that down—with regards to that one snide comment among one billion about “a wedding website so remarkably twee, it’s like two Wes Anderson movies started fucking each other,” you know the lady one’s the illustrator who did the lettering for Moonrise Kingdom, right? So. Yeah.

In all fairness, the predictably mocking Gawker article is—predictably—funny. But still. Team Jerkface.