Here’s a really nice, comprehensive, easy-to-digest (get it?) infographic on veagnism + the environment from a somewhat strange source—

Though we’ve never heard of the site before and it essentially seems to be a resource for those hoping to go into culinary careers or find free food clip art—of, course, a smiling kangaroo holding the world in one hand and a mug of beer in the oth…wait, what?—their facts do seem to be well-backed-up (see source at bottom of graphic). So we’ll take it! Plus who doesn’t like jolly roos, mate?

So, no pressure or anything—you know us—but, if you hold dear, say, the environment and, say, the future of our existence as a species, you should totally go vegan. Added benefit—all those animals you’ll save! Huzzah! It’s win-win-win!Veganism by the numbers.
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