I feel like calendar season is kinda like the holiday season. Much in the same way that, the second the clock strikes midnight on Thanksgiving, you now have to endure a seemingly endless barrage of winter-holiday-themed commercials and holiday sale announcements and Christmas songs, you’re also reminded earlier and earlier that, yes, another year is coming to a close on you finite life.

Well, despite the widening of the year-end window of reminders to buy your limited-run calendars before they’re all gone/we’re all going to die soon, we do enjoy getting an early look at work from some of our favorite artists.

Case in point, the fine, nature-infused, heart-warming papercuts of fellow crow-lover, Ms. Nikki McClure. After becoming fans of her music back in the 90s, both Katie + I got even more into her later endeavors as a visual artist.

According to Buy Olympia, each image that makes up the months of the year on Nikki’s calendar “is an original papercut, cut from a single piece of paper. Nikki features strong images of everyday life, each with a powerful verb that inspires to action. This year’s verbs and phrases: Vibrate, Honor, Delegate, Matter, Lunch, Befriend, Ache, Inhabit, Chance, Save, Agree and Stay.”

You can see some of the artwork below and order the calendar via Buy Olympia. Inquiring minds can also check out an interview we did with Nikki back in January of 2011 (apologies for the inconsistent format).