Hm? What’s that, Reader? No, no, I didn’t swipe Beyoncé’s iPhone—who do you think I am No, that’s Katie’s phone, all decked out in its new duds—the walnut + brass case from San Francisco-based Native Union.

You may know another of Native Union’s products, the far less fancy-shmancy Pop Phone—the retro handset based on the old-school, 50s-era Bakelite phone receiver that you can plug directly into your modern cell phone to look like you’re half in Mad Men, half out. We were never that impressed with the Pop Phone—we always thought it was a little goofy, even if it was nice to talk into whilst holding half a glass of whiskey—but we’re pretty big fans of this new line of cases.

A successor of their CLIC Wooden cases—pictured to the right and made from solid cherry with an angular band of colored plastic (black, white, green, blue, or orange)—the just-released CLIC Metal ups the already high ante, swapping in a darker walnut wood and bringing in metal accents for that little extra—I’ll say it—bling. Thus the Beyoncé reference. I’m told she likes the bling. I’m told.

As Native Union puts it inside their equally resplendent box for the case: “Breaking away from conventional design, the CLIC Metal combines wood with a slash of brushed metal. Each case is made using hand-polished wood providing a unique individual grain finish.”

I’m assuming that description, if read out loud, would be read by the same guy that does the Jaguar commercials.

All of which brings to bear a frightening new, as-of-yet unforeseen ‘first world’ problem, Reader—what does one do when the upkeep + integrity of one’s protective iPhone case is paramount to the upkeep + integrity of one’s actual iPhone?

Now, Reader, now we know first-hand the woes of our betters.

But seriously—this is a pretty beautiful iPhone case, man. In the immortal words of one Mr. Ferris Bueller: “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.”

As of writing, Native Union doesn’t seem to yet offer these cases online (though you can order their predecessors, the CLIC Wooden) but, A+R in Venice + La Brea have the Metal cases in-store + online.

Below, another shot of the stellar case and…its stellar box. Hm. Maybe Katie should just carry her phone and case around in that…but then what does she put that in so it doesn’t get banged up? ARGH!!!!