Paper cut artist, Nikki McClure—long-admired here at the studio—has a brand new how-to book out. No, it’s not a Dummy’s Guide to DIY art or gardening or even kombucha-making; it’s an instructive look at how to most properly fulfill the high-stakes duties of being a cat.

Entitled (appropriately) How to Be a Cat, the book gives much-needed pointers on the basics of felinity from which some of us stressed-out humans might even be able to glean some handy take-aways.

From the publisher:

“A celebration of all things feline, How to Be a Cat also tells a universal story of mastering life skills, and of the sometimes tender, sometimes stern relationship between parent and child, teacher and pupil. Cat lovers of all ages will connect to this loving portrayal of a mentor-student relationship.”

Well it’s darn cute, that we know.

Order the 40-page How to Be a Cat for $16.95 over at Buy Olympia. And for anyone who wasn’t around way back at the start of 2011 when we excitedly interviewed Ms. McClure, you can read that here.