Reader, we’re pulling an old ‘switcharoo’ on you today, giving you The Find on Monday, and bringing you The Song tomorrow! I know! Nuts, right?

Wait, what do you mean you had no idea that we followed any sort of schedule around here? It’s right over there below the design site button and the blog description and the picture of us in St. John and last week’s song and our über-witty Twitter feed and our ‘follow us and read our über-witty Tweets on Twitter” button and that owl guy and our search window. Jeez. How could you not see that?

Anyway, given the fact that CMJ starts this week and we endeavor to present you with a heftier selection of songs and artists playing at that venerable New York music festival AND given the serendipitous find of this very nice infographic (below), thus results the ‘switcharoo.’ Consider yourself fully warned when your mind is blown today/tomorrow.

Said infographic is being brought to you by the fine people at Learn Stuff, who absolutely love to put together thoughtful, creative ways of teaching you + I…well…stuff. From urban myths to science-y stuff to now why milk sucks, the LS team keeps you up-to-date on hard-hitting facts via raven + crow (that’s us) approved awesome graphics. Check this one out on the many reasons you should give milk the boot.

And remember to tune in tomorrow for our CMJ picks. Get it? Tune?

Got Milk?

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