We must start with an apology, follow with a list of excuses, and then finish with some lovely music.

First off, we are sorry, Internet. We have been terribly neglectful of you. We hope you have been able to keep yourself busy—kicking the ball around the yard, playing Solitaire, having imaginary tea parties—but we apologize sincerely nonetheless.

We would like you to know, however, we have many good reasons for totally ignoring you. They are as follows:
1. In the real world, we have moved our home, saying ‘hello’ to quite possibly the most lovely neighborhood in the world. We thank you for your congratulations. That’s very big of you, given the circumstances.
2. Again, in the real world, our design company has moved to a new studio space. Again, thank you for the congratulations. We still need a few things—desks, at least one million dollars worth of things from the Apple store, maybe a nice throw rug—but we’re getting there and are super-psyched about the new space.
3. Our very kind, but rather large cat sat on one of our computers for a prolonged period of time with his giant, furry butt. Which, apparently, is not good for computers (we didn’t see it anywhere in the manual). We are not angry at him, but it did destroy said computer, and, thus, contributed to your neglect, we must admit.
4. We were busy making Halloween costumes—Edgar Allan Poe + the Raven. Yes, we are a bit obsessed with those birds, we suppose.

So, with all that in mind, and our added apologies regarding the fact that we missed not one, but two Music Mondays, we would at least like to preset to you a Song of the Week by the folksy-yet-tightly-wound bay area band, Port O’Brien. With the roots of their songwriting and sound in the sea, PO’B paints a deep picture of sincerity and emotion with their music. We’ve been fans of them for a bit now and are excited about the new release, available at Insound, iTunes, and, likely, a record store near you. Song, courtesy TBD Records.

And we promise to do better, Internet. Really.