Denver-based duo Tennis seem to have a chronic inability to release music that’s not lovely, hook-filled, and toe-tappingly addictive. I know—terribly confusing sentence, but it’s a compliment. The husband-and-wife band can do no wrong in my mind in terms of crafting beautiful indie pop gems.

Case in point, the recently released second single from their forthcoming third full-length, Ritual in Repeat (out next week), entitled “I’m Callin'”. Seems a great song to play us out the summer…in a city where summer never ends. Give it a listen and keep your eye out for the band as they tour to support the album.

Fellow nerds—check out the band’s site (after the initial splash page). Ah, old-school computer tech. It’s like a comforting, dorky hug for some of us.

Band photo by Luca Venter.