Superhumanoids • Too Young for Love
Reader, to be perfectly honest with you, we usually have to get past a few admittedly shallow mental roadblocks when getting into a band from LA. I think we always just picture LA Guns or the intro sequence from Entourage or something. But LA-based Superhumanoids seem pretty un-skeezy to us. And we hear wonderful things about Silverlake.

Superhumanoids started out as a low-key bedroom solo project but started gaining notoriety in 2008 with some much-passed around demos. Now, with a full-length, an EP, and a 7″ from White Iris under their belt, the band’s set to release their sophomore full-length—Exhibitionists—later this year.

With vocalist, Sarah Chernoff’s smooth, dreamy delivery and the music’s new new new wave (we’re three ‘new’s these days, right?) feel, they seem to trend to the soft, breezy sounds of 90’s era 4AD bands and current day electro acts, as with another new track, “Geri.” But this week’s Song, the just-released “Too Young for Love,” pulls in more of an upbeat rhythm and slightly harsher electronic sounds that we’re liking a lot. MUCH more danceable!

Check it out along with the band’s seemingly ill-omened but gently caressing “Black Widow + Bad Weather,” performed live below as part of the ALL SAINTS Basement Sessions. You can hear and download more new tracks from them—including the above-mentioned “Geri” and their very sedate (awesome) cover of the Ramones’ “I Want to Be Sedated”—on the band’s site.

Photo by Garrett Curtis.

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