The Big Pink • Stay Gold

British electro duo, The Big Pink, first hit the scene back in 2007 with some high-demand seven inches and singles, followed by a proper full-length on the venerable label, 4AD. While critically well-recieved, the 2009 release, A Brief History of Love, didn’t produce a lot that I could personally latch on to. Plenty of good songs and a nice overall sound, but nothing that blew me away or made me fee like I had to hear more.

But if the first single from their sophomore effort, Future This (out in the states tomorrow), is any indication of the album as a whole, sign me up for being blown away. The single, this week’s Song from said album, “Stay Gold,” seems like a great way to start off and thus counteract a seemingly low-motivation week. In fact, it seems like a great way to start off a dance party. Man. I hope this week’s a dance party.

Check it out and, if you like it, sign up for their newsletter for a free download of the song’s AraabMUZIK Remix. And take a look at their recent 4AD live session below.