Forgive us if we’re late to the ‘accidentally vegan’ party with this one, but did you know Skittles are vegan? And fucking good?

Candy’s not really a big part of lives these days, so maybe all candy’s now skillfully designed by scientists and flavorologists (totally a word) off the Jersey Turnpike to trick our tastebuds into a addictively sugar-induced spiraling into morbid obesity. We don’t know. We just know these things are right tasty.

And, it should be noted, when we say Skittles are vegan, that is to say they no longer use gelatin—a collagen-based gelling agent obtained by breaking down various animal by-products like hooves and bones—in the candy and, of the many other, nigh unpronounceable ingredients listed, none seem to be directly related to animals. But, of course, Skittles’ parent companies, Wrigley + Mars, certainly produce plenty of other products that are far from vegan. So the overall impact on animals, the environment, and the public’s health is arguable, at best.

But, again—they’re really fucking good. Especially the oddly named Darkside Skittles. So, when choosing your candy this Halloween, why not reach for the hoof-and-bone-free variety?

Every little bit, man.