We’re hereby presenting our September 2015 mixtape, an accumulation of new songs from largely new (to us) artist that have us excited in the studio.

This month, we start off with a Brooklyn band that we’re really loving of late, Eskimeaux, before moving on to Eliot Sumner, who we simply cannot stop listening to (we gave her a brief shout-out and caught her live at the beginning of this month, which we highly recommend doing). We’ve also got some great new tracks from glitchy London artist, Farao, NYC orchestral chamber pop group and longtime studio favorite Miracles of Modern Science (who we interviewed last week), and the much-buzzed-about (and worth of said buzz) Empress Of, who, we hear, is about to join our ranks as New Yorkers who move to Los Angeles. And much more music, of course.

Listen on, friends.

And, if you’re new to the mixtape series, feel free to check out past installments and/or navigate to music-related articles via the MUSIC tab in the right-hand column.