We’re continuing to develop the partnership we’ve been working on with Chef Minh Phan of porridge + puffs that we talked about a few months back.

In our research + development phase, we’d been perfecting the design and brand of PINCH—Minh’s line of savory jams + sauces—while she perfected the recipe and variations in flavor. Our first iterations on labeling followed the visual theme we’d established—ingredients-based patterns within a grid system that plays off of porridge + puffs’ graph paper imagery—with brightly-colored, hand-printed and -cut labels.

Leading up to Minh’s final summer appearance at Smorgasburg LA this past weekend, we worked with her to have a series of glass containers screen printed at a nearby glass printing specialist using a new pattern that celebrates the local ingredients the products rely on and the state they’re from. Minh sold the savory jams in their new jars publicly for the first time this weekend and we’re hoping to line up some permanent selling points in Los Angeles that we should be able to announce in the fall.

Stay tuned.

Below, a shot Minh took using the jars at a colorful pickling session for the Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project.