One of our most prized musical discoveries of 2012 was Brooklyn-based performance art band, People Get Ready. The four-piece marries oft-hyperactive, beautifully rhythmic, deeply melodic music with energetic dance + art-based performances to bridge the gap between high artistic expression and intelligent pop music.

You can read a little more about the band in our original 2012 piece, but for now, you should listen to the title track from their forthcoming sophomore full-length, Physiques, due out June 24.

The album’s currently available for pre-order via iTunes or Bandcamp, but you can stream the entire thing over at The New York Times’ Press Play now. And it’s well worth a listen—it builds off of 2012’s self-titled debut, adding a newly glitchy layer of electronics and an overall sense of emotional weight, especially on the final track, “Bees”. It’s great start-to-finish though.

While you’re at Press Play, scroll down just below Physiques and give our the new album from our friends Trummors a listen. It’s another great find and another example of a band growing into its sound.

Photography of People Get Ready by Catalina Kulczar-Marin for La Moutique.