We just got a chance to update the portfolio with some branding, packaging, and Web work we did for our friend Paul Singh’s new creative collective, Pel.

Pel is a group of like-minded professionals, hand-picked by Paul, who share a passion for crafting inventive, creative digital media solutions in the form of Web sites, mobile applications, and digital video projects, all emphasizing usability and easy-to-use navigation. He’s brought together film producers, photographers, copy writers, developers, front-end specialists, and graphic designers—ourselves included—to form a diverse, flexible team of creatives for design-forward, intuitive visual communication projects.

We actually started our work with Paul by helping to come up with the company name—Pel is a trade term that’s short for Picture Element; essentially synonymous with a pixel, the basic building block of everything we see in the digital world. After establishing the conceptual identity for the company, we moved on to the visual identity, running various multi-version drafts of a company logo by Paul in our branding process before landing on the mark you see here—a logo that features clean, bold typography and stacked array of three pixel shapes that change their color palette to fit the product. For instance, above, the logo takes on the colors of the Brazilian + Kenyan flags for this promotional coffee packaging we designed to announce Pel to the world.

The standard logo—which you can see on the site—brings in colors that represent Paul’s initial forays into these various realms of the digital world in which Pel now works—a computer beige from his first computer (a Tandy 1000EX); a blue-grey for  his first cell phone (Motorola v8160); and a silver-grey for his first camera (Canon AE1).

After establishing the brand and doing the coffee packaging, we moved on to less delectable…but nonetheless essential + exciting projects like Pel’s business cards, Web site, and letter line, which you can check out below.

Visit the Pel site to find out more, find out about the rest of the team, and look at some of the projects Pel has done already—some of which we worked on, and one of which is this very site you’re on now.