Another year, another set of coffee labels for Pel‘s annual New Year gift to clients. This year, Paul + co. have teamed up with Manhattan’s abraço—one of Paul’s favorite coffee shops—to create two exclusive custom blends—the Butterfly Blend of Columbia + Java and the Kenya AA Lanana + Rwambiti.

Last year, we designed labels for Pel shortly after creating the company’s brand, incorporating an illustration we made of a coffee plant and the colors of the there countries of origin.

This year, we explored a couple of different design directions, but ended up going with Paul’s original idea of a pattern made up of “angular tesselating colored triangles” and two different color palettes for the two coffee blends.

Check out Pel’s work—both in partnership with us and solo—on their Web siteabraço‘s located at 86 East 7th Streetin Manhattan if you’d like to try out their held-in-high-regard coffees.